The company was born from a pyrotechnic workshop created by Belo de Luz Vieira along with his wife and children. In January 1960 is deposited in António de Moura Vieira the responsibility of business.

To expand the business, António de Moura Vieira,in 1981, calls on the Estado-maior General das forças Armadas an authorization to implement a warehouse of dynamites and shooting accessories on Póvoa de Lanhoso, Braga district.

In 1984, in order to implement a factory of slow combustion fuse, we resorted again to the same entity, which authorized the opening of the enclosure.

In 1985, António de Moura Vieira, together with his wife and son, was founded a company called Moura Silva & Filhos, Lda.

In 1991 was granted to the company the possibility of deploying a warehouse of black powders, fuses, dynamites and accessories, in the parish of Sortes, county and district of Bragança. With the goal of expanding the business the company built a new warehouse for distribution of dynamite in Pinhel, in the Guarda District.

In 1993 the company Moura Silva & Filhos, Lda. get a new perrmission to implement a warehouse for distributuion of dynamite in Nelas county, district of Viseu.

With the expansion of business in the country, was felted the need to have a technical staff able to provide assistance to workers and handlers of explosives, so in 1994 a new society with such purpose was born.

To Moura Silva & Filhos, Lda. was granted, throughout that year, the permission to produce a new kind of explosives - ANFO.

In 1996 the company obtained a license for an installation of a distribution warehouse of dynamite, black powders, fuses and all accessories in Vila Pouca county, Vila Real district. It is granted in 1998 to Moura Silva & Filhos, Lda . permission to build a factory of emulsions in Póvoa de Lanhoso, district of Braga.


In 1999 the company expands into the international market, started producing and selling explosives in Mozambique.

Family business goes in early 2002 the joint stock company by increasing the value ofthe capital, calling himself this time by Moura Silva & Filhos S.A.

The company has been showing a progressive and surely in the production and sale of explosives and accessories. At this time, not only in the domestic market, where it is represented by five warehouses  cattered throughout the country, but also in other markets, since the company is developing a policy of internationalization.