Aware of the high security and safety requirements inherent to the explosives manufacturing industry, Moura Silva & Filhos, SA, has adopted a continuous improvement strategy beginning in 1999 with the implementation of a Quality System based on the NP EN ISO 9001:2008.

One of the company’s main objectives is the active progress monitoring of its markets and the continuous improvement of its products range.

Moura Silva & Filhos, SA goal is to support and serve all customers with maximum efficiency and brevity while developing new products in order to respond to an increasing demanding market. In practice, all objectives lead into a single primary one, customer satisfaction.

In pursuit of its objectives, Moura Silva & Filhos, SA, currently bets in the integration of three major factors: Quality, Environment and Safety according to the integrated certification project development and as a currently Quality certified company by ISO 9001 and Environmental certified company by ISO 14001.

With the combination of these three factors, Moura Silva & Filhos, SA believes it is possible to go further on its path to define a future where it is possible , more than ever, to

"Do more, with Quality"

"Do better, with Safety "

"Do well with the Environment”.

"Do steadily, with Social Responsibility"

Aware of this industry constantly changing market, Moura Silva & Filhos, SA, sets as its purpose to face the path changes, keeping in mind, above all, the customer full satisfaction.

Management Policy

Policy Environment, Safety and Serious Accident Prevention.

Social Responsibility Policy

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