The Moura Silva & Filhos S.A., believes that the success of their customers is closely related to the development of new projects and new research. For this, Moura Silva & Filhos S.A. is continually acquiring new equipment, technologies and know-how. Establishing partnerships with companies most renowned internationally. These partnerships allow us to keep in the forefront with regard to technological advances practiced worldwide.

This international relationship that spans to several countries, is reinforced daily for the benefit of our customers.

ETI Export

The previously existing manufacturing has undergone considerable updates with profound reforms in electrical safety, mechanical equipment, with a view to prompt and effective in achieving the business objectives of Moura Silva & Filhos, SA, to answer to your customers.

These reforms enabled the Moura Silva & Filhos S.A., creating emulsions, called third-generation explosive.


Nelson Brothers

The bulk emulsion is used for loading the holes made ​​by Tread truck. The bulk emulsion is formed by a base emulsion and an aqueous solution which is injected into the base emulsion immediately after it has passed through the pump. The reaction time is sufficiently long so that the emulsion becomes detonated only inside the hole.


Tread Corporation

Today more than ever on the safety of our employees and all those who directly or indirectly relate to our explosives, becomes the most important point to consider.

The truck Tread
carries emulsion base separated from the phase sensitive, which has the advantage that the emulsion did not remain detonated until the moment the product is discharged through the holes.


NONEL System

NONEL System

Le système Nonel, qui a été conçu par Dyno Nobel, est peut-être l'invention la plus importante dans le domaine de détonateurs au cours du XXe siècle.

Ce système a contribué à accroître la sécurité et de meilleurs résultats dans le travail de détonation.