Explosives Factory of Mozambique (FEM): a reference in Southern Africa


Acquired in 2000 by the Portuguese group Moura e Silva & Sons, WEF has grown since, trying to follow and respond to market needs that were presented with greater demand and increasing exigency. More recently, in 2010, the Explosives Factory started a huge and ambitious restructuring process, which in addition to the modernization of its facilities, includes the construction of a modern production facility in Inhangoma in the town of Moatize, thus, becoming the main production center of the WEF in the country and where the headquarters of the company will be set. Carlos Mesquita, the Explosives Factory General Manager says, without hesitation, that "this is a top of the line unit and, guaranteed, the most modern factory in Southern Africa", particularly in terms of the technology used in the emulsions.


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